Golf City by Aims Max Gardenia with a young & energetic team of professionals, is constantly looking for well motivated, enthusiastic and friendly professionals to join our various departments at various levels. We employ people from various backgrounds to understand the different need of the customer and to provide a quality service.

We at Golf City continuously apply modern management techniques to enable employees to improve their day to day functioning in small steps, one at a time. Golf City management firmly believes that small changes add up to large results and the only way for a corporation to grow, is to make its people grow.

The Group is driven by qualified and experienced professionals backed by a dedicated work force. An open door policy at all levels encourages employees to be participative, innovative and creative. Empowering employees helps the organization in harnessing individual talents to the fullest. Emphasis is laid on building team spirit which helps employees to realize collective potential.

It takes a lot of customer focussed working, heat, pressure and hard work to build dreams and put drawings in to concrete shape. Building your career isn't any different. At Golf City, you will have all the right elements that you need to get to the top. The only difference is that, we’ll make sure that you have loads of fun getting there.

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