Group Profile

Aims Max Gardenia (AMG) is among the top leaders in real estate developer in India. It is one of the first of its kind of consortium of developers which has successfully launched an array of projects across India with comprising of residential, commercial, retail, hotels and institutional infrastructures. All AMG projects are known for being at the best locations and reliable quality.

AMG has partnered with internationally acclaimed architects and design consultants for various projects. The clientele for commercial and residential projects also includes the top MNC brands, Navratna public sector companies and top brands in the country.

All partners of AMG Consortium have also ventured into individual projects in various places across country and have mastered the art of delivering quality projects. Together they bring the strength and qualities collectively making AMG an exception brand assuring high quality projects.

With its dedicated professionals, quality architects AMG guarantees high quality of workmanship on every project. From in house design and construction to managing real estate, the team always provides seamless services to its clients.


To be India's most sought after Real Estate Company with pan India as well as International footprint. The company also endeavours to be of first choice amongst customers across different realty verticals.


To satisfy every customer’s need for a better experience through quality construction, customer service and employee contentment.